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Get ready for summer

Stay cool and safe in the heat

The sun is out and it’s time to check into shorts. We got what you need, from high-visibility to flexible stretch. Stay protected and comfortable all day.

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Putting stretch to the test

Irish electrician Liam Cunningham uses work wear as a way to build his own brand. When we involved him in the development process of our stretch trousers, he was amazed. Not only by how smart they made him look, but also of the stunning flexibility and the comfy feel.

Meet Liam Cunningham

Stretch your limits

Experience a new level of working comfort

Stretch is added to our workwear to maximize the movability of the body. It is also added to specific areas of the garment to facilitate ventilation and comfort. One thing is for sure - stretch is here to stay!

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Time to stay cool

News spring/summer -19

This season we add new styles to our stretch assortment and our high-vis collection has been extended with, among other things, a work trouser with women’s fit. We are also proud to introduce a set of workwear made of BCI cotton and recycled polyester.

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Save your knees

with KneeGuard™ and KneeGuard Pro positioning systems.

Hard-working craftsmen and craftswomen put more pressure on their knees than many top-athletes. The risk of knee injuries is therefore far higher among trade professionals than other occupations.

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Cabinet-maker with sense of quality

Cabinet-maker Arnulf Wibler likes to take on assignments that require experience and substantial precision. He is particularly proud of his dovetail joints, an age-old technique that produces durable furniture with that little extra.

Meet Arnulf Wibler

Stay dry in the rain

Staying dry and comfortable is all about choosing the right type of rainwear for the job. The choice depends on several factors, from type of rainfall to how intensely you're working and how many hours you spend outside.

Dress right for the rain

How our trousers are made

The road to perfection.

At Snickers Workwear we never stop searching for the perfect workwear. Making durable, functional and ergonomic trousers is one of our constant challenges, demanding extensive experience and attention to details.

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Heat and flame protection

ProtecWork is a new collection of protective wear that combines great expertise and know-how of heat and flame protection with Snickers Workwear’s renowned ergonomics and fitting.

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Presenting the new floorlayer trouser

We are proud to present our new floorlayer trousers offering optimal freedom of movement and long-lasting power. As usual, several of Snickers Workwear’s testers have been involved in the development. We talked to one of them.

Meet Tord Modig

Grip, touch & protection

Find the gloves that work for you.

Your hands are your most important tools, so we want to give them the best. But what goes into great gloves?

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Playing is hard work, just ask the clothes!

It takes a long time to master a craft. So, what better than an early start. Snickers Workwear Junior wear is hardwearing to withstand the wear and tear of games while providing great functionality for anyone taking the first steps as a mini apprentice.

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Pick your family

We’ve got one for every workday

This season’s launch of new jackets and shirts sees Snickers Workwear expanding our four workwear concepts into complete families - so that you can dress from top to toe with the same protection, functionality and durability.

Snickers Workwear Families


  • Workwear catalogue 2019

    Browse our latest workwear catalogue and check out our news for 2019.

  • Stand out

    Our cutting-edge range of High-Vis garments takes personal protection to the next level. Giving you the renowned Snickers Workwear functionality and working comfort – while making sure you are seen at all times.

  • Rely on a classic

    Industrial installation is tough mechanical work that wear hard on the clothes. That is why Jörgen Olsson, mechanic and partner with GIAB is picky with his work trousers. For him, nothing beats the classic 3-series.

  • Outdoor action.

    Our Junior range is a tribute to intense playing and true young outdoor action. Comfortable and cool-looking garments made from specially selected fabrics for durable playing comfort all day long.

    Designed for kids aged 3-10 years.

  • 37.5® Technology

    Top athletes have long enjoyed the benefits of performance wear. Now craftsmen can too. Snickers Workwear is one of the first workwear manufacturers to introduce 37.5® Technology into its clothing.

  • We never compromise in quality

    Revolutionary features and fabric in new generation workwear. Comfort and functionality were the priorities set for the design team at Snickers Workwear when developing the new product ranges.