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Turn down the heat

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For you to stay cool, sharp and comfortable in warmer weather the choice of workwear matters a lot. To perform your best, your workwear need to offer great ventilation, be made of material that dry fast and still offer the protection you need. Prepare yourself for hot days at work.


The warmth of the sun is burning. You feel how the sweat breaks out, longing desperately for that breeze to give you some relief and cool you down. It’s time to turn down the heat. Here are three key aspects to think about when dressing for warm weather.


When the temperature is rising, ventilation is key. Ventilation can be achieved in different ways, either by how the workwear is designed or what functions it holds. Two of the main features we use in our workwear to offer great breathability are the 37.5® technology for cooling comfort and Mechanical Air Flow™ , built-in ventilation on the back of your knees.


The choice of fabric in your workwear affect how comfortable you will stay during the workday. Lighter fabrics offer more ventilation and dry fast, while for example cotton absorb the moisture and dry slow. Our LiteWork collection are specially developed for warm days at work, offering workwear made in lighter fabrics to ensure great ventilation and comfort.


Safety always comes first, also during warmer days at work. If you work on your knees a lot during the day make sure to dress in pirates instead of shorts so that you can wear proper knee protection while still enjoying the ventilation that shorter work trousers offer. Of course, protection applies to your head as well. Use a cap when working in direct sun light.


Our LiteWork collection is specially developed for warmer climate. It features the revolutionary 37.5® technology for the best in moisture transport and ventilation. Advanced functionality and great materials ensures cool and dry working comfort, no matter what the weather conditions are.

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Maintaining the right temperature and humidity when working physically is a challenge. Performance and comfort is closely linked. By applying the 37.5® technology in our workwear, you can stay dry and comfortable during the day, no matter the outside temperature.

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When choosing between pirates or shorts you need to balance your need for protection with your need for ventilation as pirates enables knee protection. It’s also a question about what functions and features you need, such as how many and which pockets. Of course, style is a factor as well.

Get the right lenght


Make sure to protect that brilliant mind of yours.

Avoid getting overheated by covering your head with a cap during warm and sunny days. Our caps offer great protection against the sun and the models with pre-curved visor also gives you some attitude. All our caps offer plenty of space for profiling.

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A t-shirt is the perfect garment to top your workwear with during hot and sunny workdays.

Our assortment of t-shirts includes top wear that offer great comfort. The range includes models with short and long sleeves so that you can choose the design you prefer. Most of the t-shirts also offer great opportunities for company profiling.

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Our High-Vis collection for spring and summer includes workwear within the AllroundWork, FlexiWork and LiteWork families. The collection includes shorts, polos and t-shirts with great visibility at the same time being more ventilated and lighter. Maximize your personal protection by staying visible.

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When the wind starts to blow you’d better watch out. Because even if it’s a dry and clear day, the wind makes the temperature plummet quite drastically. However, if you choose the right type of windproof workwear you’ll stay warm and comfortable.

The choice depends on how intensely you’re working and how long you stay outdoors. When hard at work, the fabric’s breathability is crucial for ventilating your body heat. The longer your work shift, the tougher the demands on the windproof technology used in the garment.

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Stay dry in the rain

Staying dry and comfortable in the rain is all about choosing the right type of rainwear for the job. The choice depends on how intensely you’re working and how long you work in the rain without taking a break.

When hard at work, the fabric’s breathability is crucial for ventilating your body heat. The longer your working shifts, the tougher the demands on waterproof technology used in the garment.

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