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Snickers Workwear - Global

When fine precision work is your craft, you get really picky about which gloves to wear. Anders Larsson and his team at Nomina Bygg AB are often called in for extra demanding work.

How do you like working in gloves?

”Gloves used to be rough and clumsy and difficult to wear when working. But since we started using the gloves from Snickers Workwear, we haven’t looked at anything else.” 

What makes a good glove for you?

”The fit is paramount. A glove must never get in the way. If you lose the fingertip feeling, you will take the gloves off and your hands will be unprotected.” 

What's your reasoning when ordering gloves?

”As an employer I make sure there is a good economy in the gear we buy. That is why it’s really important that the gloves are good. When the gloves are really good, the workers will keep them on and not lose them. People take better care of good gloves.”

”Really hardwearing work, such as changing roof-tiles, literally eats gloves. For those tasks we might choose a simpler glove that we change and throw away every day. But for all fine work that takes precision we use the gloves from Snickers Workwear.”

Do you urge your employees to wear gloves?

"Yes, wearing gloves is about safety and reducing the risk of injury. So it’s very important, for the health and wellbeing of each worker, but also for our ability to deliver as a company."

Four families - four characters

  • Power gloves - for heavy duty work

    The workhorse gloves for heavy duty works like carrying, loading and tearing. The unique curved shape gives a strong and secure grip. Sophisticated patterns and durable materials create a comfort and protection never seen before.

    Power gloves
  • Precision gloves - when demanding dexterity

    Light and flexible gloves with emphasis on dexterity and fit. Perfect for precision work. The flexible materials on the dorsal side of the hand, knuckle protection, cushioning and reinforcement prints provide optimal protection and dexterity.

    Precision gloves
  • Specialized gloves - with unique functions

    Gloves optimised for very specific tasks. With the best possible materials and unique functions. Each glove is geared to provide the ultimate dexterity, protection and comfort for each individual hand and the task at hand.

    Specialized gloves
  • Weather gloves - keeps your hands warm and dry

    Gloves for work in rough and cold weather. Advanced materials provide greater dexterity, friction and grip even in wet, cold and slippery conditions. These are the gloves that keep your hands warm and protected no matter what weather you work in.

    Weather gloves

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