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Putting stretch to the test

Irish electrician Liam Cunningham uses work wear as a way to build his own brand. When we involved him in the development process of our stretch work trousers, he was amazed. Not only by how smart they made him look, but also of the stunning flexibility and the comfy feel.

Meet Liam Cunningham

Cabinet-maker with a special sense of quality

Cabinet-maker Arnulf Wibler likes to take on assignments that require experience and substantial precision. He is particularly proud of his dovetail joints, an age-old technique that produces durable furniture with that little extra.

Meet Arnulf Wibler

The Perfect Carve

A ski aficionado since birth, Swiss athlete Marc Iselin competed both in the Olympics and in the World Cup. Today he runs his own ski, snowboard and furniture workshop in Dietikon, just outside Zürich in Switzerland.This gives him a chance to use his practical skills as a carpenter, making sure that the products is designed and manufactured to the highest standard.

Attention to details

Clay builder with sustainable ambitions

We’re in an old limestone house in the village of Kastlösa on the island of Öland, Sweden. In the attic, Hanna Nilsson is smacking clay onto a brick. As a recently graduated architect, she dreamed of helping the construction sector to be more sustainable. And that’s exactly what happened. But not in the way she imagined.

Meet Hanna Nilsson

"Dumbledore of furniture"

Greg McGeough is the man behind Ireland’s Barrell & Gunn. A furniture company that has created its own niche using 17th century Japanese technology and American industrial vintage.

Meet Greg McGeough

Testing the new floorlayer trousers

We are proud to present our new floorlayer trousers offering optimal freedom of movement and long-lasting power. We talked to one of the testers involved in the development.

Meet Tord Modig

With passion for tiling and equality

Julia Schaffer Flemk is a tiler who’s passionate about an equal opportunities construction industry. This battle has led to her being awarded grants, receiving attention in the media and being given more work than she can fit in.

Meet Julia Schaffer Flemk


The winters in Åre, Sweden are long and cold. Yet Isak Stålenhag and his colleagues at Åre Timmerhus work outside the year round building log houses. In a climate where the temperature often drops below -30 degrees C there’s a need for well built houses, as well as for great clothes for the craftsmen.

Meet Åre Timmerhus

Save your knees

Meet Björn Ödén, mechanic on heavy vehicles.

Wear out your kneepads not your knees

A classic to rely on

Meet Jörgen Olsson, mechanic and partner with GIAB.

The favourite work trousers

-40­°C normal work day

The cold bites and the wind lashes your face. And out there in the Arctic wilderness hungry polar bears are lurking. This is where Rune Ryen and his colleagues work in one of the world’s northernmost construction firms. Wearing balaclavas and protective goggles, they are converting a disused coal-mining village on the border with the North Pole.

Arctic wilderness demands the right workwear