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New generation flame resistant work clothes

Snickers Workwear - Global

Snickers Workwear now launches a new collection of flame resistant work clothes, making the craftsman's job both safer and more efficient. All garments also offer the same comfort, as expected by Snickers work clothes. Jackets, trousers, T-shirts and undergarments are presented in the collection.

Flame resistantSnickers Workwear has always been at the forefront of advanced work clothes, which is confirmed by the company's new collection of flame resistant work clothes. Clever functionalities, great comfort and optimal protection according to relevant safety standards make the clothes unique on the market.

By stiffening when exposed to heat, the material protects the craftsman from heat and flames by creating a protective barrier.

Many of the flame resistant clothes on the market today just meet the standards, but they are bulky, hard to move in and uncomfortable. Our new collection of flame resistant clothes protects from sparks, heat and flames, but are also comfortable to work in. Great, functional work wear make the craftsman's job easier, says Petra Engström, Product Manager at Snickers Workwear.

Long johns, trousers with and without holster pockets, a welder's overall, short and long sleeved T-shirts, jackets with and without lining, briefs and socks are also launched in the new collection. All garments feature an ergonomic cut which allows them to move with the wearer, and downward folding pockets to prevent welding sparks from penetrating. As they are moisture transporting, body temperature is easily maintained during hard work. Featuring advanced knee pads the trousers offer optimal comfort.

Our test pilots have been very positive. There clearly is a great need for protective clothing that offers great safety, excellent fit and smart design, says Björn Kronke, Product Manager at Snickers Workwear.

Published 20 January 2012.

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