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Snickers Workwear implements BCI cotton and recycled polyester

Snickers Workwear - Global

Snickers Workwear takes another green step forward by introducing the Vision products, which are made of BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) cotton and recycled polyester.

"At Snickers Workwear, we are constantly working to make our business more sustainable," says Maria Schartau, CSR Co-ordinator at Snickers Workwear. "We already offer durable, long-lasting garments, which reduces the consumption of resources, and we are now taking further steps in the sustainable direction by launching garments made of BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) cotton and recycled polyester. Sustainability is a never-ending journey, and this is another step for us to be even more ecological over time."

Vision concept

For Spring/Summer 2019, we are adding two Vision items made of BCI cotton and recycled polyester: 6270 AllroundWork, Vision Work Trousers + Holster Pockets and 1570 AllroundWork, Vision Work Jacket. The ambition is to expand our offer of products with a lower climatic impact during the coming seasons.

BCI cotton

The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) is the largest cotton sustainability program in the world. It aims to make global cotton production better for the people who produce it as well as for the environment in which it is grown.

Recycled polyester

The polyester in the Vision work trousers is made of recycled polyester. By using recycled materials in our workwear, Snickers Workwear reduces its carbon footprint without compromising on the strength or performance of the products.

Published 17 May 2019.

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