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Snickers Workwear’s ultimate Allweather Jacket

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All craftsmen can prepare for the rainy and windy days of autumn with the new XTR Gore-Tex Allweather Jacket from Snickers Workwear. Developed for harsh conditions the jacket also transports moisture away to prevent the wearer from feeling wet from perspiration during long shifts.

1888 XTR GORE -TEX® Shell JacketHard working craftsmen deserve the best. That's why Snickers Workwear has developed the advanced Allweather- and Soft Shell Jacket XTR Gore-Tex.

Launched in September, the 3-layer jacket has superior wind and water resistance. Compared to many other jackets, the wearer can easily regulate the temperature to maintain body temperature, regardless of weather and working conditions.

The material is not to be mistaken for Gore-Tex used in sportswear, since the demands on Gore-Tex work clothes are significantly higher. XTR Gore-Tex has been subjected to advanced tests to handle extreme conditions. Professional craftsmen have also tested the Jacket in order to meet their needs for functionality, comfort and design.

Many Allweather Jackets do not accommodate the craftsmen in their everyday work. They do not have the proper wind- and water resistance to handle long outdoor shift. That's not true for the XTR Gore-Tex, which keeps the craftsman dry in all weathers. It also comfortable to work in, as it features an ergonomic cut allowing the craftsman to work without constraints, says Petra Engström, Product Manager at Snickers Workwear.

The work jacket has a built in lining and taped seams. Other clever features include an integrated protective hood and large adjustable pockets with watertight zip fasteners.

XTR Gore-Tex is available in sized XS-XXXL and in the colors black and black/yellow.

XTR Gore-Tex is also available as a 2-layer Jacket in sizes XS-XXXL and in the colors black, olive green/black and steel grey/black.

Published 20 December 2011.

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