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Long, pirate or short?

The advanced Snickers Workwear 3-series design is available throughout our entire range of work trousers, pirate trousers and shorts.

Giving you loads of built-in functionality, all year round.

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Mission: Unlimited functionality.

For 40 years Snickers Workwear has pioneered the development of advanced work trousers. And we are still leading the way.

With our wide range of cuttingedge work trousers you can count on superior functionality, comfort and protection every step of the way. Allowing you to equip for your mission. Every day, every season.

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Turn down the heat.

When the going gets really hot and humid, ventilation is the key. Snickers Workwear hot weather garments feature advanced designs and intelligent materials for extreme working comfort, ventilation and functionality.

Original Pirate Trousers with maximum ventilation and amazing work shorts with all the pockets you need are just two examples.

How to turn down the heat!

Keeping you cool and beating the heat

Ever felt like a polar bear in the desert? Make sure to check out our LiteWork range featuring revolutionary 37.5® technology for the best in moisture transport and ventilation. dvanced functionality and great materials ensures cool and dry working comfort no matter what the weather conditions are.

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