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A perfect fit is essential for real working comfort.

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At Snickers Workwear, we focus very closely on the body’s anatomy. Every garment is truly designed around your body. To really appreciate what that means, getting the right size is essential.

The right size do matters

Jessica Lindström, Pattern Designer, on why the right size matters:

You’ll feel the difference right away. The fit, the comfort and the freedom of movement,” says Jessica Lindström, Pattern Designer at Snickers Workwear. “But even more importantly, it’s a matter of safety and protection. If the trousers don’t have the right fit, your kneepads will not stay in the right position to protect your knees. That is why we offer five different leg lengths on our work trousers.” 

We have one of the widest size ranges in the industry

To ensure optimum fit, Snickers Workwear has one of the widest size ranges in the industry, with 71 different trouser sizes. No matter if you have short or long legs, you can be sure to find trousers that fit your body. 

“I’m surprised so many craftsmen don’t put more effort into finding out their exact size. If they did, they would notice how much functionality is really built in to their workwear,” says Jessica Lindström. “Take our body-mapped garments for example. If you get the perfect size, everything from reinforcements to insulation and ventilation will end up at exactly the right place on your body. That is why most of our work jackets also come in an impressive size range, from XS to XXXL, and in no less than three body and arm lengths.” 

Adjusting the sizes of new generation trousers

In order to harmonise sizing to meet the standardised EU norm, Snickers Workwear is adjusting the sizes of all new trousers. What this ultimately means is going down one size. 

“We have been slightly large in our sizes. Now we’re adjusting that on all our new trousers,” says Jessica Lindström. So how can you be sure to get the right size? “Actually it’s very simple. Use our size generator at, or ask your dealer to help you take your body measurements to really determine the optimum size for your body. And most importantly, always try the garments on for real”. 

Find your perfect fit

We have different size models for our 3- and 6-series trousers. Try our size generator to get help to find the size that fits you best.

Snickers Workwear's Size generator

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