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Knee Protection

Choose the right kneepad to save your knees.

Do you kneel down occasionally or do you spend a lot of time working on your knees? Perhaps you kneel and stand up many times a day?

Choose the kneepad that best suits your working situation.

When it comes to knee protection there are a few different factors that come into play. We will help you choose by explaining the way a good kneepad should fit, what kneepads are suitable for the work you do and how different features of the kneepad influence the level of protection.

Read more about how to pick the perfect kneepad for you and gain optimal protection.


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Take the floor with Kevlar.

Floorlayer? Then you’ll love our floorlayer trousers with advanced Twisted Leg™ design and coated Kevlar® reinforcements at the knees.

Like floating on air, they are designed for maximum knee protection and working comfort. Now you can take to the floor with pleasure!

3223 Floorlayer Holser Pocket Trousers, Rip-Stop

9110 Craftsmen Kneepads.

Save your knees with the latest in EN 14404 certified knee protection (Type 2, Level 1). Extremely efficient and comfortable kneepads ready for the patented Snickers Workwear KneeGuard™ positioning system.

9110 Craftsmen Kneedpads can be placed at different heights in the kneepad pocket to ensure correct position for maximum protection.

Check out our Craftsmen Kneepads!