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Superior female fit.

Amazing fit, amazing comfort. Every garment in our women’s range is cut specifically for women. Our new advanced women’s work trousers, for example, feature a low-cut waist with a shaped waistband for a perfect fit for the female form.

3714 Women's Holster pocket Trousers, Canvas+

High-frequency protection.

If you work a lot on your knees, going up and down on and off your knees many times a day, the 9191 XTR D3O® Craftsmen Knee pad give you by far the best knee protection available!

With our cutting-edge range of D30 knee pads we take advanced knee protection to a completely new level. Our revolutionary Craftsmen Knee pad that is flexible when working and stiffens on impact. In addition, it lasts twice as long as other knee pads.

Read more about world's first active kneepads!