Paint it in white

White workwear for painters and decorators

For painters. As uniforms. No matter how they’re used, or why they’re worn, we’ve got a wide range of tops and trousers available in white. For both craftsmen and craftswomen.

And as approximately 80% of all paint sold is white or off-white, it makes complete sense that painters traditionally wear the colour. But it’s not just the colour that’s made for the job. Our hard-working functionality and long-lasting durability are exactly what you’ve come to expect. And just what you need to get the job done, and get it done right.

Two painters in white workwear

Durability means sustainability

At Snickers Workwear, we’ve always believed in making hard-working, long-lasting clothes. We also know that the longer our clothes last, the less environmental impact they have. It’s this fundamental insight that makes up the cornerstone of our sustainability efforts. And that’s how our durability and sustainability go hand in hand.

Inventing workwear

At Snickers Workwear we develop durable and functional clothes for demanding craftsmen and craftswomen everywhere. And we do it with smart and clever solutions that make it a little bit easier to get the job done.