"When wearing right-sized clothing, reinforced zones, insulation and ventilation all sit in the right place. You can feel the difference, and it's a matter of both comfort and safety, says Kicki Kemze, Pattern Designer at Snickers Workwear."

A pair of work trousers have to be a lot of things. Apart from keeping you comfortable it should carry your essentials and protect your precious knees and legs from debris and hazards of the workplace - without limiting your mobility. It should look good and feel just right. Neither your body or workplace nor your style preferences are like anyone else's, so you need to find the one work trouser that perfectly suits you and your needs. The perfect fit and correct size.

Kicki Kemze, Pattern Designer at Snickers Workwear says fit is all about how a garment follows your body. If the fit is off, your kneepads, for example, won't stay in the right place to protect your knees.

Three different fits

Slim fit Slim fit garments are figure-hugging and quite tight, giving you a slimmer look. However, they are also soft, stretchy and follow your every move.

Regular fit The garments follow your body shape but are not tight. There is room for air between the garment and your body.

Loose fit The loose fit garments sit securely at the waist, like the regular fit, but the legs are wider.

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There’s no right or wrong when deciding on what fit – slim, regular or loose – to go for. If you prefer a more figure-hugging look – go for a slim fit, but if you want an airier feel the loose fit is probably your best bet. It's a matter of what feels best for you.

When it comes to sizing though, finding the correct one is of utmost importance. Snickers Workwear trousers come in 22 sizes and are available in three leg lengths and three different fits. So rest assured – there is a trouser fit for you and your job.

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