Man wearing a warm work jacket and gloves
Man wearing a warm work jacket and gloves
Man wearing a warm work jacket and gloves

Stay warm when it's cold

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To dress warm when it’s cold is not that difficult. But to dress right when you are working in cold conditions requires more thought. Intensive and hard work often means sweating. But when the pace slows, the sweat will cool and you will eventually feel cold. What you need is advanced ventilation and the ability to control and regulate the heat from your body.

How to dress in layers

Our advice is to dress in 3 layers in order to stay warm, dry and comfortable:

1. Stay dry to stay warm

A first layer for moisture transport: What you wear next to your skin is key to staying dry and ventilated. All our base layers offer seamless comfort and great fit, but with different degrees of ventilation and warmth depending on how active you are at work. Choose from our baselayer collection, FlexiWork, Flexi-Work Merino Wool or LiteWork 37.5® for active moisture transportation.


2. Keep the warmth inside

A second layer for insulation: Airy materials make excellent second layers. Our garments are designed to insulate by creating a pocket of air around your body – keeping you warm.

Choose from our wide range of warm midlayers in materials such as micro fleece, fleece, pile and quilt.


3. A shell to defy the elements

A third layer for weather protection: The final step to get you properly covered is to add a high-quality outer layer offering reliable wind and water protection.

Choose clothing that is waterproof and breathable while still being strong and durable to withstand the wear and tear of hard work, ensuring you stay dry, warm and comfortable in cold, windy and wet conditions.

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Don't forget your head

Keeping your head cold is not a saying to be taken literally. In fact, you'll do a lot better making sure your head is warm and cozy.

A hooded jacket is a great start, just don't forget to add a cap or beanie as well. Especially when the temperature drops.


Get the first step right

No matter your working environment our new line of socks has a model that fits. For example Merino wool and strong Cordura fibres mixed for soft comfort with high durability. And don’t miss our socks in the new material 37.5® offering the ultimate dry experience with excellent moisture transport.


Protect your hands

Many gloves fit different kinds of work. Most important is that the pair you pick fits on your hand.

Our Weather gloves fit for work in rough and cold weather. Advanced materials provide greater dexterity, friction and grip even in wet, cold and slippery conditions. These are the gloves that keep your hands warm and protected no matter what weather you work in.

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