We team up with our partners and customers to promote sustainable business practices and circular behaviour.

Our commitment to sustainable development reaches beyond our direct impact. We support Better Cotton and are members of the Chemcal Group of the Research Institute of Sweden (RISE), the Scandinavian Textile Initiative for Climate Action (STICA), and the association Textile Importers. This allows us to remain relevant in a rapidly changing landscape, gain new insights, share learnings, and encourage the industry on a whole to commit to the 1.5°C pathway of the Paris Agreement.


STICA is a Nordic-wide network with the purpose of supporting the region’s apparel and textile industries. Snickers Workwear is one of 40 members sharing learnings and collaborating around issues such as data collection, processes, supplier dialogues, and other crucial developments.

The ultimate goal is to help the industry reduce their Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions in line with the 1.5°C pathway as outlined by the United Nations Framework on Climate Change and the Paris Agreement. This means reducing emissions by half in all three scopes of the GHG Protocol.


The Research Institute of Sweden (RISE) is the Swedish research institute and innovation partner. Through our membership in RISE’s Chemicals Group, we stay up-to-date on the latest environmental issues, as well as research concerning textile chemistry and chemical databases. We receive support in managing existing legislations and gain valuable insights that allow us to adapt to new legislation well before it takes effect.

Better Cotton

We partner with Better Cotton to improve cotton farming globally. Better Cotton’s mission is to help cotton communities survive and thrive, while protecting and restoring the environment. Better Cotton trains farmers for water efficiently, to care for soil health and natural habitats, to reduce the use of the most harmful chemicals, and to respect workers’ rights and wellbeing.

Textile Importers

The Textile Importers is a trade association for Swedish companies working in textiles, leather goods, clothing, and shoes. The association provides us with trade-related legislative information, chemical support, and other information relating to how we can improve our sustainability efforts.


We’ve joined the Swedish non-profit organisation ChemSec, and their ”No to PFAS” movement. Together with many other corporations, we’re working to phase out and ban a number of non-degrading and harmful fluorinated compounds – widely known as “forever chemicals”.

Customer Engagement

The easiest way to make clothes last longer is to take proper care of them. With that in mind, we collaborate with the people who wear our clothes to reduce the environmental impact that comes from the user phase. We encourage circular lifestyle and offer product guides as well as care instructions to make their Snickers Workwear clothing work hard for as long as possible.

Care for the product

We know that 15-20% of a garments’ emissions comes from the usage and end-of-life stages. How our clothing is taken care of makes a huge difference to climate impact. We educate the people who wear our clothing and encourage a circular lifestyle. We provide them with comprehensive information and guides on how to extend the longevity of their clothing with proper care, repair, washing, and drying instructions.

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