We choose materials and design our clothes for long-lasting durability and hard-working functionality.

To create workwear that stands up to the daily wear and tear of hard work, we focus on the people that wear our clothes right from the start. We design with functionality, comfort, and longevity in mind, and test both materials and construction for performance. We promote circular business models, and always look for ways to further improve the durability of our workwear.

We strive to use the highest quality materials to make our clothing last even longer. We also want to replace conventional materials with more sustainable alternatives to further reduce our environmental footprint. The following help us do this.

  • Test our clothing in real-life, hard-working conditions.
  • Make clever improvements.
  • Replace conventional materials with more sustainable alternatives.
  • Support Better Cotton to improve cotton farming globally.
  • Adopt circular business models.

We are committed to source 40% of our fibres as preferred fibres by 2023, and as much as 70% by 2030. To keep making clothes that last, we work hard to ensure that clothing made from preferred fibres are comparable in both durability and comfort.

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Fibres & materials

We strive to use the highest quality materials to make our clothes last even longer.


Design for durability



The longer our clothes last, the less environmental impact they have. Read our care tips for taking the best care of your garments to make them last as long as possible.

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